Youth Activists Inc. (YAI), is a grassroots, start-up non-profit organization focusing on the development of youth leadership skills, community organizing, and advocacy for youth related issues within the Province of Ontario. Started in February 2019, YAI strives to push young people to advocate for issues that matter to them with their tagline “ignite your passion’’.

Youth Activists Inc., will be hosting seminars, TRAININGS, and overnight camps that will give teenagers an opportunity to learn how to lead in their communities, all while serving different interests. Our programming will be devised based off modern leadership training, but will also be driven through personal experience.


cHE’S pLACE IS A YOUTH CENTRE OPERATING IN BOLTON, on, UNDER YOUTH ACTIVISTS INC. It was created by the community following a senseless murder of Francesco “Che” Molinaro. It offers drop in programs on Friday’s and saturday’s for students in grade 7-9. We are currently planning for a grand re-opening to be held on september 13, 2019. More information on our re-branding can be found here

Our History

Youth Activists Inc. was founded by local community activists, Dmytro Basmat. Dmytro, at the age of 19, was the runner-up in the 2018 Municipal Election in Caledon running for the Public School Board Trustee position. In May 2018, Dmytro helped re-introduce and advocate for the Peel Youth Charter - a document signed by elected officials representing over 1.5 Million people. More information on the Peel Youth Charter can be found here. He is passionate about youth issues such as LGBTQ+ rights, a fair minimum wage, mental health initiatives and drug harm reduction programs. hE is a full-time Politics and Governance student at Ryerson University.

Dmytro Basmat, Executive Director and Founder

Dmytro Basmat, Executive Director and Founder